Creating a Safe and Secure Living Environment in the Changing Public and Private Spheres

As a result of popularization of minor internet use now, induced damage, child pornography (self-shooting damage), cyber bullying etc. are becoming a social problem. In this project, we aim to establish a preliminary detection method of net risk to reduce the risk of Internet use that minors have difficult to observe, and to realize a system that recognizes minors themselves. Especially, risks of high risk of being exposed to minors arising on the net which is difficult to grasp the actual condition of inducement damage, child pornography, cyber bullying etc. are targeted. Since it is difficult to invoke public enforcement against events occurring in the net space, we will try to strengthen the voluntary response capabilities of minors and parents by providing appropriate information.

About us

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There are many risks to minors in the net space.
For example, luring, child porn, net bullying, and so on.
The purpose of our research is to reduce risks of minors in the cyber space.

3 Research Groups

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1. システムグループ
2. 調査・教育グループ
3. 社会制度グループ

We will tackle to this task from three different research domains.
- System group
- Education and survey group
- Social system group

Future Goal

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The goal of this research is to develop the risk-detection system
which provides attentions to minors, and implement it to the society.
With this system, we encourage minors to avoid risks and realize the safer cyber space for them.